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voxovan asked:

Ever thought of drawing characters from the original Bionicle series? I know you did some drawings of them in the past, but since that time you've improved a lot, and it'd be interesting to see how you would do it these days.

I will be going to school tomorrow again.
Which means 2 hours of travelling again.
I might as well do just that.


Anonymous asked:

You mentioned you do "NSFW Pregnant" stuff right?

I mentioned NOT doing it yes.
Egg laying is a different story however.
As long they don’t hatch that is.
I basically am not fond of huge bellies.


New screenshot from Smash Bros. U.

Because apparently they weren’t objectifying and oversexualising Samus enough with those ridiculous shoes, so they decided to make her wear skimpy outfits as well.

You know what, I’ve had it. I’m not buying this game. I played and enjoyed Smash Bros. on the N64, on the GC, on the Wii; always with Samus as my preferred character.

But I just can’t look at this version of her and still think:”That’s the badass huntress I wanna be”. What they’re doing to Samus Aran makes me very sad and slighty nauseaus. They’re not going to see a cent of my money.

Picture Source:

Ey brah… that is samus her outfit from Metroid fusion.
You are telling me that something from 12 years ago isn’t ok any more?
Samus was always used sexually. Starting from the first game.
Even in smash wii, where she STRIPS… down to zero suit after her final smash. It’s nothing new.

complaining about how this woman, that beats alien space pirates to pulp, dresses “skimpy” after doing so since 1986. Is kinda like digging up and beating a dead horse that died peacefully in it’s sleep.

Also, being able to beat up someone in your underwear is the most empowering thing I have heard.

Nobody cares.
But I had fun writhing this.


Anonymous asked:

Based on the leaked images, it seems like they'll be using the hf building style. Hopefully they will revert back to bionicle building system along the road, or maybe even a hybrid system that uses both? What are your thoughts on this?

I would like to see more detail in the parts that they make, MOLDED detail.
none of that tempo graph bull honkey.
In fact, I have been noticing that the chima figures have alot more neat pieces than HF does. those spikes, those new gold armour parts. DEM FIRE WINGS.
I think that the chima figures are closer to bionicle than HF ever was.
hmmmm… I should buy one…

In any case I don’t really see much yet in those pictures. And I will see how it will all play out. In the mean time, there is warframe.


Anonymous asked:

What is you're opinion on the bionicle 2015 rumors?

I am pretty pumped to see how we will continue. But it also frightens me a bit. Lego could finish what they have started, somehow. 

Or they could do a re-imagining, what could Michael Bay it. (HF it).
Or they will continue the story in some way. 

But I am also weary to the possibility that it is a HF line just turned into a Bionicle line at the last moment. 

But I think I might not buy as much figures as I used to do. I have gotten older and the last set that I bought was the purple HF monster from the first invasion from below waves.

But if they are good sets, I might buy them. And I am still looking forward to it.
Not looking forward to hearing “BIONICLE 2015!!” for half a year here on Tumblr…

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